Make Life Simpler & Reduce Paperwork – and Input from the 2016 Physician Satisfaction Survey

These days, it’s no secret that paperwork burdens and bureaucracy negatively impact the daily lives of clinicians and administrative staff. Every year, requirements tighten, leaving all affected with little choice other than to move forward and embrace “the new normal”. The paperwork eats away at more and more available time, slowly and surely, and eventually physicians are left to wonder where all their time went.

In taking an impartial look at impacts to practices, the picture becomes clear: everything would be so much easier without the paperwork. The Physician Foundation 2016 Physician Satisfaction Survey solicited unfiltered quotes from physicians on all matters disruptive and frustrating to them, and physicians agreed: paperwork was among their top annoyances. Here’s just some of what they had to say:

“Physicians are… overworked, under-supported and made to jump through unnecessary and burdensome hoops…”

“Let doctors be doctors and eliminate… regulatory intrusions.”

“Excessive and onerous paperwork demands… decrease the availability of physicians.”

“Every month there is ‘just one more little thing’ or ‘it will only take a couple minutes to comply’. These ‘one more little thing’s now take up most of my time.”

It’s clear that physician satisfaction is taking a hit because of regulatory and bureaucratic requirements (read the full survey here). But passing the burden on to other busy clinicians (i.e., a medical assistants or nurses) or highly-paid administrators can have equally damaging consequences. According to the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), practices could spend up to $7,000 per year tending to a single practitioner’s credentialing files. And there’s more:

  • The average physician spends 43 minutes per day interacting with health plans (MGMA).
  • Practices lose nearly $100,000 in staff wages each year due to the cost of administration related to both credentialing and payer enrollment (MGMA).
  • The average resubmission of a claim takes a biller 16 minutes (GPRN).
  • The average physician is submitted for credentialing to 13 or more health networks (GPRN).
  • Physicians and support staff spend an average of 82 minutes completing each health network application (GPRN).
  • Negotiation of a single payer contract can eat up more than 350 minutes of physician and administrator time (GPRN).

The numbers don’t lie: paperwork isn’t just annoying… it’s expensive.

Leaving out the cost of credentialing and provider enrollment, facilities in the United States lose somewhere around $125 Billion annually because of disorganized or poor billing practices (Huffington Post). Untrained staff can cause numerous issues for a practice if not imbued with knowledge necessary to avoid legal and regulatory pitfalls.

Sure, not all paperwork can be eliminated. But what if solutions existed to give physicians time back into their schedules, allowing them the opportunity to focus more on patients and their charts?

At Paramount Professional Services, we’re prepared to offer just that: an opportunity for physicians to adjust their working lives in order to focus more completely on patient needs. We’re experts in billing, coding, credentialing and enrollment, and we’re equipped to support practices to the fullest. By outsourcing paperwork processes, practices stand to:

  • increase physician work satisfaction.
  • free up more time for practice administrators, nurses and medical assistants to focus on their jobs, too.
  • increase focus on regulatory and legal requirements surrounding billing, coding, credentialing and enrollment.
  • work more efficiently! We strive to bill claims correctly the first time. If not, we take care of the follow-up and contact physicians and office staff only if necessary.
  • get your new physicians up and running quickly and efficiently. We know the ropes at area hospitals and with insurance payers, and we work to help ensure a seamless physician onboarding experience.
  • Best of all, we keep the paperwork to an absolute minimum, and supply the data most desired by physicians and administrators.

No matter the specialty, a new practice or well-established, Paramount Professional Services is prepared to offer tailored solutions to improve operations and revenue. Give us a call, send an email or drop by today!



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